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At Foodberry, we believe nature has provided the template for delicious, healthy, and sustainable food.

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Bowl of Foodberry

We've turned this design into a technology platform and are using it to transform the way we eat, for the good of people, and the planet.


On a mission to

Transform the way we eat.

Our technology platform can be used to directly address key sustainable development targets, by creating nutrient dense food forms which last longer, utilize diverse ingredient inputs, and reduce packaging waste.

Plastic Free Packaging

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Our technology removes the need for plastic packaging, meeting consumers' increasing desire for sustainability.

Bioavailable Nutrition

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Balanced nutritional profile based on Nature’s Macros, including high moisture content, plant-based fibers, and phytonutrients, for increased absorption and decreased inflammation.

Limitless Applications

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From familiar foods like yogurt and hummus to the next generation of plant-based alternatives to the personalized foods of tomorrow, the Foodberry format is compatible with virtually any food imaginable.

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How we create

A better kind of food.

Our products mimic botanical fruit with protective coatings of fibers, phytonutrients, and minerals surrounding a nutritive and delicious core. Our patented library of fruit skin barriers allows us to create berries of food you already know, or can only imagine.
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Tapping into Mother Nature's secrets.

The essence of our platform is deeply intuitive: our simple secret is that we’ve unlocked Mother Nature’s secret for protecting what she makes. We learned how to wrap up goodness just like nature does.


Creating a new class of materials.

Through design principles and natural chemistries found in fruit skins and peels, we’ve created an entirely new class of edible barrier materials.

Biomimicry isn’t just the form, it’s also the function (moisture barrier, nutrition, flavor) and the substance (fruit + veg fibers, phytonutrients, natural polymer networks).


Designing products that make an impact.

Our always on-the-go modern lifestyle has created demand for convenient foods that are easy, portable and highly craveable. That convenience has come at the cost of decreased nutritional value, declining health outcomes & increased plastic waste.

Foodberries provide that convenience in a format that is inherently nutritious and sustainable, with a limitless variety that offers a glimpse into the future of regenerative and personalized food.



Rooted deep in science.

IP & Patent Portfolio

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IP & Patent Portfolio

We have a portfolio of patents around edible membranes. This protected space was initially staked out prior to product commercialization.

Product Development

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Product Development

We create products integrating this patented technology. We develop and test products using rapid iteration, e-commerce, and speed launch models.


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We have designed and commissioned two first-in-kind manufacturing lines in our state-of-the-art facility in Boston, MA. We plan to build more.

Led and run by

Visionaries & operators.

Leadership team

Marty Kolewe

President & CEO

Marty led R&D, before becoming the CTO and now Chief Executive of the company. Marty’s experience includes biotechnological plant systems and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Marty has a BS from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD from UMass Amherst, both chemical engineering, and completed a postdoc in drug delivery at the Langer Lab at MIT.

Stefan Catsicas

Investor & Board Member

Stefan is the former Chief Technology Officer of Nestle S.A. and an Executive Board member. Prior to Nestle, Stefan was a department head at GlaxoSmithKline, and helped co-found several biotechnology companies and investment funds. Stefan served as Professor and Chairman of Cell Biology at the School of Medicine of Lausanne and Professor of Bioengineering and VP Research at the École Polytechnique Federale.

David Edwards

Founder & Board Member

Founder of Incredible Foods and Professor of Engineering at Harvard, David co-founded AIR (Advanced Inhalation Research), which sold to Alkermes in 1999. He is the founder of Le Laboratoire, a cultural center in Paris and Cambridge, where artists and designers perform experiments at the frontiers of science.

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